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PAPERSHOP printing studio

Alongside our shop on Fredrikinkatu, we have Papershop printing studio specialized in small printing projects like invitations, thank you cards and business cards.  At the shop we have for example cards, invitation sets and posters made at our printing studio. We also do a lot of custom designs, for example, menu and place cards for different party occasions.

The printing studio services are best reached by email  or by phone +358 45 359 9319.

Our Papershop printing studio offers also graphic design services. This is how you can order custom-made cards or other print products:

1. Gather up a few photos showing examples and ideas:

We all see colours and styles differently, so something that for one is rich and full can be too minimalistic to others (not to even begin about what romantic wedding invitation can mean to different people). With photos, it is easier to discuss colour palettes and style, even though the idea would be to order custom-designed prints.

Check our existing collection on our webshop and browse for example Pinterest for favourites.

2. Send the photos and information to Papershop printing studio by email:

Describe what kind of a party or event you are having, how many of the printed products you need and what is the timetable. If you already have an idea for the size and shape, let us know those too. For example, is the card going to be double-sided, folded or would it be a set of an invitation + info card? Peppi from our printing studio will ask for specific information if needed and can advise for the best solutions. She’ll also check that the timetable is possible.

3. You are now in good hands!

We’ll always show you a sample for approval before printing. The total price for the printing depends on the items and the quantity of the order. In comparison, using our design services is rather affordable, since for example the text settings are already included in the printing services. We are happy to tell you more, don’t hesitate to ask for an offer!

Psst. You can of course also send own design and have it printed!

In case you are planning to design the printed items your self, or have a talented friend to do that, and wish to have it made in our printing studio, send us an email already in advance. We are happy to help by giving specs for the print files.


Here you can see some of our ready selection.
After placing an order, we’ll contact you by email.


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