Kaweco Sport Mechanical pencil


Kaweco Sport mechanical pencil 0.7mm.

Length 11 cm.


Very stylish choice! Kaweco Sport mechanical pencil 0.7mm. The length of the pencil is 11 cm.

The design history of these handsome and handy-sized pens begins from 1911 – quality classics stand time. At the time a small fountain pen with a cap, a pen that could easily be carried in a pocket everywhere, was still new. It was advertised for example for sportsmen and therefore got its name. Kaweco Sport pens have been used for keeping track of game scores and writing victorious tactics. Later on, the selection of the writing tools known for classic design and high-quality expanded with ballpens and mechanical lead pencils.


Burgundy, Black, Blue,  Dark green, White, Grey, Mint, Sand

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