One line a day 5 year Diary


Cloth covered diary for 5 years.
Capture each day the most important
event, feeling or idea with a line or two.
Size approximately 16,5  x 10 x 3 cm.

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One Line a Day is a sort of a diary. It’s short and concise, but for a long time. Each page of the notebook includes a spot for the most important event, feeling or memory of the day for 5 years. This way you can easily revisit your previous thoughts when writing a new line on a specific day. The compact style of writing just one line a day works for those too who are not into a novel-length of memories.

The diary has linen-coloured cloth covers with a black text print. The inner pages are cream white. The book is approximately 16,5 x 10 cm, thickness about 3 cm. The diary is designed by Kristen Hewitt, published by Chronicle Books and it is manufactured in China.

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